Movement training and Tree Climbing in London locations. Experience meaningful outdoor natural movement. Join our group training and get moving with our friendly bunch or get my full attention with a private 1-to-1 / small group session or online coaching.


Reclaim your capacity to move with flow over grass, rocks, and trees, play with sticks and stones, and learn to develop yourself through contact, roughhousing, dance and combatives. Reconnect with nature and develop your aliveness in movement to become more resilient embodied human.. As an Evolve Move Play coach, I am passionate about teaching people how to move like a human.

Move with speed and grace | play | reconnect with nature


We explore relationships - the connections, interactions and interdependence between body, community and habitat - through the lens of a movement practice to attempt to explore big picture ideas. Whether the individual or a group, inside or outside (although we prefer to Move With The Seasons), the lens of a movement practice or just movement, is a larger vehicle than most would think to explore questions (and not worry too much about the answers)

On the surface we explore cultivating a movement practice - which ultimately you will decide what that means to you - but let’s just say we have movement classes, workshops and events which cover a wide range of movement training disciplines, practices and influences, infused with my own personal beliefs and what I am currently passionate about in my own movement practice. The practice changes and evolves, having a system or method is too static for me. Life isn't static and like life, our movement practice contains patterns, cycles, rhythm, ying and yang and with it opportunity for awareness, adaption, harmony and hope to *‘Understand and be understood’. But so what? What does that mean to you? Really **‘I teach/coach nothing’ and I can’t make you learn anything. I can propose direction, facilitate opportunities and give you feedback that is just my opinion. 

Classes/events are are a safe space to rediscover playful and natural movement in the context of nature and the season with a supportive group. To suggest movement practices and scenarios that I hope provide opportunity to serve you as a mirror for self discovery - the potential for discovery through embodiment, discovery of traits and qualities we have and/or wish to keep hold or let go of. Exploring the relationships  between body, tribe and habitat -  whether a self, group and/or environmental (locomotive) practice - and how they sculpt one another. *Does what we practice explore qualities and relationships we can carry over into life? How do we adapt to change if we don't expose ourself to variety and adversity and stick to comfort and the known? Is it useful to recognise parallels between your life and the changing seasons?

As big and bold as these ideas are, ultimately we are a huge believer of PLAY - something perhaps most adults don't realise is missing or don't think is important now they no longer are children. Helping you rekindle this often atrophied play drive for me is key to a engaging, sustainable and nourishing practice - one that is driven by intrinsic instead extrinsic rewards.  An activity driven by play will make us want to do it over and over again. We can speculate that play is nature’s optimal state for learning. Play is being in ‘the zone’ highly engaged in whatever it is you are doing, for me the true meaning of ‘Flow’. Perhaps there is an alternative to the chore and bare minimum attitude of exercise in a sedentary culture. Maybe we can enjoy and maybe even LOVE our physical practice and make partaking in it a pleasure. With doing what you love as a foundation, we can fill in what’s missing - the balance between a classical and romantic approach - but in a world where perhaps we are overly saturated with the classical and reductionist approach, I think we need a bit more romance!

The group - without the privilege of being involved with the wonderful people that come to classes and events etc it would be difficult to explore these relationships. Adults need play perhaps more than ever and we are good at it when we remember how. Playing together encourages positive social engagements to grow and to learn together which is vital in a very narrowly socialised, touch deprived culture. With a culture that is overly concerned with fear and shame, the support and encouragement of the group is even more crucial to rediscovering childlike qualities we admire and embrace such as curiosity, hunger to learn, honesty, open mindedness, energy, imagination, behavioural flexibility, humour and playfulness, and so on.

The truth about the human species is that in body, spirit, and conduct we are designed to grow and develop in ways that emphasise rather than minimize child like traits. We are intended to remain in many ways childlike; we were never intended to grow “up” into the kind of adults most of us have become - Ashley Montagu

We move by ourselves
We move with each other
We move with the environment
We move with the seasons

Come and rediscover what moves you.

*Paraphrasing Jozef Frucek / Linda Kapetana of Fighting Monkey
** Paraphrasing Joseph Bartz

My movement classes and private lessons in London cover a wide range of movement training disciplines and influences infused with my own personal beliefs, giving my students what they need to improve their movement quality, rediscover their play drive and achieve their goals. I'll expose you to what I know, but you will ultimately decide what moves you. I am inspired by and passionate about the systems and teachings of several of my peers and mentors, and these elements are encapsulated in what I offer. I am constantly developing my own practice which is the foundation of what I share with others, to always ensure I'm passionate about what I'm teaching. My practice constantly evolves around topics and disciplines that develop my internal freedom of movement, body control  and the use of imagination (a Self Practice). Practice with a partner or group and learning to move through my environment whether city or woodland. All help me understand finding a meaningful experience through being present and seeking flow. This is what I also hope to share with others. 

Self Practice | Partner/Group Practice | Locomotion (moving through you environment) Practice


Natural Movement | Tree-climbing | Roughhousing/Rough & Tumble Play| Improvisation & Flow | Mobility & Strength

Seasonal Movement Workshops

Move With The Seasons - Autumn 2018

Autumn Event

Join us to rediscover and embrace the bitter sweet beauty of Autumn as we transition from Summer to Winter their is much to reflect on in one's practice.


I love all seasons and the variety it brings. Here are some things we got up to at the last Move With The Seasons workshops at the beautiful Hampstead Heath.





More Videos...

Indoor class sneak peak

Group class sneak peak

Me Treeclimbing

Group class sneak peak

About Me

My approach is to connect people with what it feels like to move like a human again, to rediscover one's innate play drive we had as children, to rekindle connection with nature to give this movement and play context, and develop a movement practice that ultimately gives a meaningful experience. Rebuild the prerequisites (joint mobility, strength & body control) for the many variables and chaos we encounter, leading us to reclaim the basics of natural human movement and ultimately aspiring to freedom in movement and true engagement/fun.

Taking inspiration from my teachers Rafe Kelley, Joseph Bartz, Tom Weksler, Jozef Frucek and others, and following and applying the work of Ido Portal, I continue my tutelage from the people that inspire me. I am Rafe Kelly's first and only Evolve Move Play coach and a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms).

I run twice weekly classes exploring a variety of movement influences - natural movement, parkour in natural environments and tree climbing, gymnastic strength, FRC mobility development, rough and tumble / roughhousing, group/partner games and play, and also offer private sessions/programmes for my 1to1 and online students.

Evolve Move Play


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Nature Jam Community Event
a free monthly gathering

Nature Jam - Family, friends, community. All are welcome - come and join us for this FREE meetup, usually every first Sunday of the month. Check the event on my Facebook page for more details. Meet 12pm at entrance opposite Hampstead Heath Overground Station by the railings.

Upcoming Workshops

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Group Training

About Group Training

We Work. We play.
We train outside in ALL seasons but train inside too (and more in the winter).
What do we do? It depends. On the coach (there's a few of us), the season, the cycle we're going through, what resonates with our practice at the time, what goals we want to help you achieve.
We do have a general approach to our practice.
We do human stuff.
We run. We Jump. We Climb. We Dance. We fight. We lift. We throw. We create. We play.

We communicate.


  • 5 classes a week, different topics & cycles, weekly open floor to jam
  • We have 3 coaches in total each of us passionate to give you our experience, knowledge and variety in training
  • Discussion group for ongoing support and optional homework
  • No drop ins except on Mondays - this is to protect the concentrated work of the regular group and allow me to focus on events and courses more suited to those that can't attend regularly, including free events.
  • 'Try-outs' are available - you can attend as many as 5 classes in 2 weeks to see if joining group training is for you. Try-out classes are £20 PAYG


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur at 19:00, Sat 12:00.

Classes last from 1 to 2 hours depending on the day and season. Check out the full schedule on GoTeamup here


We mainly train outside, more in the summer, a little less in the winter. Class locations change with the season but are currently mainly at Hampstead Heath with the exception of Monday which is at 42 Acres Shoreditch.

Drop-in Classes & Courses

Functional Range Conditioning® (FRC®)

I am a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms), which is a long way to say I use the gold standard in mobility development, rehab and joint health to compliment my students movement practice and help people control their body so they "can do anything"! 


Developed by world-renowned musculoskeletal expert Dr. Andreo SpinaFunctional Range Conditioning® is a comprehensive joint training system based in scientific principals and research.

There are 3 main goals when training using FRC® system and all are closely interrelated, and acquired simultaneously:


#60SecondStudies Project

Weekly short films around movement & other stuff with original music. All created and performed by Adam Skinner & Ben Medder.



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