Private Coaching

We are all individuals and a private lesson will always emphasise a tailored, bespoke approach. Designed to give you what you need, private lessons are catered to give you the knowledge and "how to" to meet any challenge you've set yourself. Yes, that's right... like a Personal Trainer! 

I offer a wide variety of training methods including:

  • Mastering your movement and your environment with Natural Movement based systems Evolve Move Play, Movnat and Parkour which cover running crawling, balancing, climbing, jumping, vaulting and more, in natural and urban environments.
  • Mobility work using a variety of systems but mainly the FRC system. I am a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms).
  • Strength development using gymnastic strength methods from Ido Portal, Joseph Bartz and Gymnastic Bodies.
  • Complex locomotion and crawling based on Ido Portal 
  • Boxing, Muay Thai, pad work and fight strength and conditioning. 
  • Barefoot running techniques learnt from studying with some of the most experienced barefoot running technique coaches in the world Lee Saxby and Tony Riddle
  • Play based confidence building games, Roughhousing and contact improvisation from Frank Forencich, Tom Weksler, Darryl Edwards and Rafe Kelley
  • Rhythm and falling: elements of footwork from martial arts, Ido Portal, Joseph Bartz and Tom Weksler. Floorwork and contemporary dance, breakfalling and gaining freedom and confidence interacting with the ground from Tom Weksler and Rafe Kelley. 


  • Individual - Perfect if you prefer the undivided attention of the coach (me) or are a little bit shy about trying new things in front of other people.
  • Strategy - You will get a consultation to discuss, short/medium and long term goals
  • Movement - Tailored movement sessions based on your goals and needs
  • Food / Nutrition - Eat like you want to move. Not sure if your nutrition is working for you? An essential piece of the puzzle is what you chose to fuel yourself with. I will be happy to give advice on what works for me and emphasise taking responsibility into doing your own research on what works for you.
  • Rest for success - Often overlooked - strategies to combat/manage stress, rest and recover well is a huge tool to make you a better human.

Additional 1-to-1 Benefits

  • Access to a private Facebook group containing exclusive resources for your learning, and interaction with other students 
  • Opportunity to attend two group classes a week

Shared Lesson (2 to 4 people)

Get the best of both worlds: the benefits of tailored movement sessions for your individual needs (best parts of personal training) combined with the high energy, bonding and motivating experience of sharing the journey/experience with others in a large group class. Not too big... still personal. The sweet spot.
- Share the cost!
- Stay motivated
- Have fun with friends


I have bases in North West, Central and South East London, using outdoor facilities, parks and green spaces, and a selection of indoor training spaces for specific use.

Online coaching

Before contacting me about my online coaching, I recommend you check out my blogmy Facebook page, some of my videos, and my coaching approach. This will help give you an idea of whether we’ll be a good fit and if I am the best coach for you. 

Make movement a priority

The body contributes far more to our lives than just physical attributes - it plays a major role in emotions, learning and relationships. The body is intimately involved in all our thought processes, understanding, emotions and decision making. The mind and body are inseparable - the body is your brain! Consequently, all learning, no matter how abstract, is physical. 

 I am passionate about and coach movement. If you train, then train movement, not muscles. Movement is ancient. Movement was here first. Hunting and gathering, dancing round the fire, walking, climbing, running, jumping, crawling, lifting, swimming, fighting...even sex! These are all movements the human body is designed for. 

It is my job to give you the movement material you love. Once you've found it, turn it into your passion and your obsession. Become strong and become useful with my coaching as you begin to understand that exercise is optional but movement is essential.