Rolando Ayenza

Rolando joined the Ben Medder Coaching team with a martial arts background and a passion for the process of learning and self discovery on the journey that is Movement. Already on a heavy diet of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies from a young age, Rolando first started in Nam Pai Chuan Kung fu from age 7 to 18 and earned his black belt at age 15.  His dreams of becoming a martial arts instructor were put on the back burner due to being pushed into the typical left brain, ‘standard education’ route of study from high school to university. Always curious and inquisitive in many subject areas and interested in the ‘big picture’ he gravitated towards the sciences and ended up with a degree in Genetics. Coincidentally this period lead to inactivity and health issues, exacerbated by the ‘student diet’ and stress!

Upon graduating Rolando made a conscious decision to improve his health and well-being and to get back to moving and continued in the martial arts studying Filipino Martial Arts (Doce Pares) and Jeet Kune Do/Filipino Kali/Boxing (Bob Breen).

Rolando  also found Parkour through Parkour Generations and was inspired like Ben in the freedom of expression it offered and could see the similarities in martial art movement and philosophy.

Through Parkour Rolando was introduced to MovNat and Erwan LeCorre’s philosophy of reconnecting  oneself with nature and to reawaken our true nature, which is to move. Here he found a missing link in his practice. Rolando went onto train and became certified a MovNat Certified Trainer (MCT) Level 2 by Vic Verdier and Joseph Bartz and as a MovNat Combatives Instructor also under Vic.

Rolando became a student of Coach Ben Medder and quickly connected with his ‘big picture’ approach to physical fitness having shared the same background and influences mainly through the work of Frank Forencich in particular his book Change Your Body, Change The World. Also like Ben on his journey to becoming a generalist mover,  Rolando is also influenced by Ido Portal and his method of practice and movement philosophy of “turning humans into Movers” by restoring movement basics then introducing movement complexity.

After working many years in a laboratory and research environments in the clinical areas of Microbiology, Biochemistry he left the 9 to 5 ‘human zoo’ in 2012 with the intent of spreading movement love, mindful practice and helping change people's perception of movement for better health and happiness.

As a lover of processes that inspire art and creativity, Rolando cites music as inspiration for movement, because “life is a dance and you have to feel it’s rhythm”. He enjoys playing the guitar and loves the blues and jazz.

Being part of a tribe of Movers and Ben’s ‘Big Picture’ approach to fitness, Rolando learnt the value of collaboration and community, not only to nurture one’s own personal growth, but also for the growth of others in the tribe who are on the same journey, and above all what it is to remain a student and wear the “white belt”.