A Big Picture approach to brain health through movement and applied neurology

Join the Ben Medder Coaching team on October 5 for our Brain and Movement workshop led by Theresa Scheel. Covering functional neurology, theoretic and practical teaching of the Arthrokinetic Reflex and why training you nervous system daily is more effective in terms of weight loss and muscle build up, this two hour workshop will show you why physical movement is intrinsic to brain health.

The Talk

The content covered in the workshop teaches a practical understanding of why exercise is optional and movement is essential.

  • Why moving as a generalist is so good for brain health and may help protect you from general decline of cognitive function and movements. Interesting new research discussing said brain health and diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimers and Parkinson's
  • Listening to your brain and body: learn how to take cues from your nervous system's daily status, and find out why this skill of tuning in is more effective in terms of weight loss and building muscle than the "no pain, no gain" training mentality.

Why you should attend

  • Discover the root causes of your pain whether it is acute or chronic and how to eliminate it
  • Pain and its relationship with stress: why I have more pain when I am stressed
  • Find out why mobility training is crucial.

Theresa Scheel

Theresa is one of Ben Medder's movement coaches with emphasis on pre and rehab within the movement system. She is a trained exercise therapy specialist that uses a functional neurology approach to pain- free movement and performance. Theresa's training and work has been heavily influenced by doc Eric Copp founder, of Z Health, who has changed her understanding of  nervous system control of performance and pain levels. Read more about Theresa.

Practical Information

When: Sunday, October 5th 11am

Where: Near Old Street Station, EC1

How much: £30 per person 

How to book: email your interest in attending to info@benmedder.com

Who: Led by Theresa Scheel and assisted by Ben Medder and Benjamin Buus Pedersen


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