Joseph teaches movement, and boy does he teach it well. I don't think he realises how wise beyond his years he is. Joseph has a remarkable ability to source, deconstruct and digest the highest quality movement material and distill it into a methodology that is transferred to students with effectiveness and finesse. Joseph and I met on a Wild Fitness coaches course and he has become a good friend and huge inspiration. Our influences are very similar - he is an amazing Parkour practitioner/teacher, he actually certified me as a Movnat trainer, he learns from Ido Portal in person regularly, we both have been influenced via POSE method - he is just younger, German and more talented than I am! I think it is no coincidence that we met on that Wild Fitness course, which attracted me due to the wonderful combination of methodologies/influences (Evolutionary health, POSE, biomechanics, Movnat, Frank Forencich) and that meeting provided a good friend, teacher and inspiration. You will see his influences  and how he integrates them all over my own approach - but most importantly I can thank Joseph for his huge inspiration in his own right as a teacher - as a great example as a mover, walking his talk and always being so generous with his knowledge and time. Danke schön meine freund.

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