Known for his extensive knowledge and experience teaching barefoot running technique, biomechanics and evolutionary biology - I jumped at the chance when I found out Lee would be teaching a Wild Fitness coaches course - My first formal coaching education.  It's hard to find a better analyser of movement, a master at providing preparation and the ability to transfer complex knowledge to compromised individuals and anyone learning from him. His methods have been often imitated and for good reason and they serve as a guiding philosophy to my own way of teaching. I owe a lot to Lee, not just for laying the groundwork of a great education, but leading me to Gloves Boxing Club (for which he was an original founder) and thus leading me to the wonderful opportunities I have had since. He had his eye on me and thankfully saw potential. Although I didn't get to learn from Lee as much as I would have liked in person, that initial experience had a huge effect on my direction and his movement philosophy has been and continues to be an integral part of my education and a foundation of everything I coach.