A connoisseur of movement, Nathan is a true generalist and a beautifully well rounded mover. To top it all, the guy is damn smart and I still don’t understand what it is he exactly does for a living -  some Jedi level programming or something! It’s hard to think of another person who is as generous with their time and information, has shared so much with me and has never asked for anything in return.

We initially hooked up on Twitter through having the same interests in parkour, Movnat/natural movement, all things movement in general and a paleo or primal lifestyle etc. I met him in person by chance at a Parkour Generations class, and our friendship grew from there. Nathan’s knowledge and experience of Movnat - being one of the few early adopters and advocates Movnat that I know of - solidified my interest in it and I had my first taste of Movnat techniques in person from him.

Nathan was the first person to mention and praise Ido Portal, well before Ido became as popular as he is now, and before everyone jumped on that band wagon. He shared knowledge and techniques with me, and was patient in teaching me something new. There were a few times he tried to convince me to come along to an Ido Portal workshop in Brighton (something I kick myself for for refusing in hindsight)…And then also the first movement camp in August 2011… Damn, why oh why didn’t I find the money! I incorporated some of the knowledge that Nathan shared straight away, like Ido’s fondness of wrist preparation/pre-hab but I didn’t appreciate what a great movement system Nathan had found earlier than most and was trying to share with me. Again I didn’t appreciate how far ahead Nathan is with not only recognising a “process” in a movement system, but also how generous he was in sharing it.

It’s no coincidence that I gravitated towards like minded people like Nathan at a time when I needed it most… depressed and unmotivated in my office job… stuck in the human zoo and being fully aware of my predicament! Even though Nathan and I have only hung out in person a handful of times, he has inspired and motivated me more than I think I will ever be able to convey to him.