Kaz is great coach, mover, martial artist and friend. Kaz always made time for me when I was "green" as a coach and still learning the ropes. He would always give support and advice and ask for nothing in return. A database of knowledge, Kaz is definitely wise beyond his years: intellectually and spiritually. A fine example of a well-rounded mover and coach - I have learned so much from watching and absorbing his advice. From teaching to my own movement - you will easily see his influence in my teaching. As a martial artist teacher (having studied absorbed and combined great sources of knowledge) he was integral in my self discovery and growth. Always there for me on my journey, providing space and inspiration for my development with the care of a brother, a wise scholar with exuberance that can't be matched - his energy is boundless and intoxicating. I never feel down when I'm around him, I always feel inspired.

Thanks Kaz for all your support and friendship.