The training

My group classes and private lessons cover a wide range of movement disciplines and influences infused with my own personal beliefs in movement, giving my students what they need to improve their movement quality and achieve their goals. I am inspired by and passionate about the systems and teachings of several of my peers and mentors, and these elements are encapsulated in what I offer. 

Who are they for?

Anybody who is looking to:

  • Learn new useful skills and discover the joy of "moving"
  • Rediscover their play drive and learn how to have fun whilst "working out" - change their perception from exercise to "MOVING"
  • Get stronger, fitter and gain the aesthetics as a happy bonus of moving well 
  • Improve mobility, rehabilitate old injuries and sustain long term health
  • Build confidence and set themselves free

What to expect?

Indoor and outdoor training. A high emphasis on movement quality over quantity.

  • Make you injury-proof and prepared by laying the groundworkWhat's your current level of skill, mobility and strength? Are you ready to move? 
  • Increase your mobility (flexibility with control) using tools that work - range of motion (or a lack of) is the most common limiter to strength and thus movement. If you can't get into position, how can you get stronger there?
  • Make you a better biped - and a better quadruped too, it's all part of a locomotion focus first. Everything we have athletically evolved to do has come from the ability to walk efficiently. First move your own body well then we have a foundation to move/lift "stuff" and build from. 
  • Make you stronger - using various tools, from your own bodyweight (gymnastic strength and rings, bars, the ground), Olympic lifting development, and other human bodies to the specific adaptations developed from practicing useful adaptable skills and complex movements.
  • Learn new skills - from running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing to lifting putting your mobility and strength to use with complex movement and skills making you a well rounded human athlete.
  • Make you a better mover - all these things will do that, making you a better human, which means harder to kill and more likely to survive a zombie apocalypse. 

Dig deeper into the coaching philosophy.

Will I sweat and burn calories?


I'm feeling unfit and out of shape. Will I keep up?

Yes! My classes meet all levels of ability and fitness. I aim to give confidence to first timers by teaching you new skills and progressions, whilst also challenging more experienced members by honing advanced techniques.

I just want to lose weight!

Whilst the main purpose of my teaching is to make you a well-rounded, skilful mover, I understand this is important for people. Given the high metabolic intensity conditioning included and built upon from learning the techniques, you will get the body that is capable of doing these things as a happy consequence!

What do I wear?

Anything you feel comfortable crawling, climbing, running, squatting and balancing in! Comfortable clothing that is weather-appropriate as we train outside regularly. 

What can I compare them too?

Still not sure what it will be like? Take a look at some of my main influences:

  • Rafe Kelley - Inspiring many to move with speed and grace, play, and reconnect with nature. Natural movement / Parkour, Roughhousing and play, Ground flow, And generally becoming a more resilient and embodied human. I am currently learning under him and his Evolve Move Play. 
  • Movnat - I am a London based Level 2 Movnat Certified Trainer. MovNat is a physical education fitness system based on the full range of human natural movement abilities. These include the locomotive skills of walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing & swimming. In addition they practice the manipulative skills of lifting, carrying, throwing & catching. "How we move is how we train."
  • Ido Portal Method - Movement education, development and cultivation. Mobility, Hand balancing, Gymnastics Strength, Locomotion...movement. 
  • Parkour - "the refinement of one’s body movement during the interaction with one’s environment as one progresses though it."
  • Joseph Bartz Training - A movement based methodology incorporating many movement disciplines and tools, integrated and expressed with effectiveness and finesse into a beautiful approach. Parkour, Bouldering, Locomotion, Balancing, Gymnastic strength, Olympic lifting.
  • Tony Riddle  - Incorporating elements such as POSE method, Lee Saxby's coaching, his own (barefoot) running technique / Pilates Running method, boxing and lifting, integrated into a biomechnical movement analysis and diagnostic system built from 17 years experience in the industry.
  • Frank Forencich - an internationally recognised leader in health education and performance training. Functional movement and social / team building games and play. 
  • The Fitness Explorer - A movement therapist, Paleo nutritionist, author and connoisseur of play. His concept of PRIMALity is a deep influence on me. 
  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility (FRCms) - Developed by world-renowned musculoskeletal expert Dr. Andreo Spina, Functional Range Conditioning® is a comprehensive joint training system based in scientific principals and research.

Why are they taught this way?

I have been lucky enough to meet, train with and be taught by some of the movement industry's leaders and trailblazers. They have shaped, inspired and set me free when it came to my own education and physical, mental and emotional capability. There would be no possibility of me returning to a rigid dogma applied by many other personal trainers. As Ido Portal says, "movement is my dogma". Movement is life, and my teaching and coaching put an emphasis on a coherent, holistic approach to movement. 

What do people think about my classes?

Read what my clients and students have to say about my coaching and classes.