What people say 

Ben is a humble legend with his feet firmly planted on the ground and an ever open mind for more knowledge. He is the rare breed of a coach that practices what he preaches.
— Jiri Kaderabek
Best coach I have ever had. smart, humble and extremely good at making you grow beyond what you think you can achieve
— Theresa
Great coach who helped prep me for some gruelling physical challenges. As far from the ‘run of the mill’ PT as you can get.
— Stuart Frew
Ben is an absolutely incredible coach. I am stronger, happier, more informed and so much more inspired to work out because of his coaching and guidance!

My exercise regime used to consist only of running - but a bad case of runners knee had put me to the sidelines. Bored with yoga and gym machines - I reached out to Ben over a year ago thinking that learning to box could be a good way to stay in shape.

Since then, Ben has not only taught both me and my husband how to box - but also how to crawl, balance and (yes) climb trees again! His classes have strengthened muscles that I have neglected over the years while sitting for long hours in the office - completely ridding me of my previous back pain. I not only feel stronger than ever - but also a lot more agile and energised. Plus, Ben got me running again - this time in barefoot shoes!!

Even though I’ve been athletic my whole life - Ben has made me completely rethink the way I approach and prioritise fitness. I had completely forgotten that working out can actually be FUN!! He reminded me that health isn’t about counting out ‘reps’ - it is about movement and staying active. His classes are energising and feel like ‘play’ rather than dragging myself to the gym. Thanks Ben for all of the fun and keeping me strong and inspired!!!
— Kristi Knapp
Awesome guy and a fantastic coach who helped me prep for an 8000km bike ride through mountains; ‘nuff said!
— James Peacock
Ben’s a great trainer. He knows the bread and butter stuff inside
out and draws on a wealth of other knowledge. Parkour, pose running
and boxing to name but a few
— Rhys
My wife and I initially came to Ben for boxing classes with the aim to learn something new and to get in better shape. A year and a half later, we still box, but we have learned and achieved so much more!

Through teaching us the fundamentals of ‘the sweet science’, Ben introduced us to his broader philosophy of natural movement and integrated health and fitness. In addition to honing our left hooks, we have since worked on general strength, flexibility, (running) posture, and balance. I now feel stronger and healthier than ever, my lingering back pain is gone, I crave movement (though I still slack sometimes…), and I have been injury free the entire time. The same goes for my wife.

Ben’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and positive energy are inspiring, and he makes you think about health and well-being beyond classes and ‘workouts.’ As a consequence, we have made small and gradual changes to our daily routines (sitting less, moving more, eating better, etc), and while we have a long way to go, the more we do, the better we feel!

In short, we couldn’t recommend Ben more highly!
— Julian Knapp