Ido Portal. Mover, generalist, teacher and information broker with a process. I couldn't articulate well enough to do this man justice, so it's best to check his website and many excellent posts on his Facebook / Youtube page. A quick search on YouTube will bring back lots of examples of his students working under his methodology. 

I was first made aware of Ido via Nathan Chong back in 2011. He had recently been to as far as I know, Ido's first workshop in the UK in Brighton and was kind enough to share his experiences. I started putting bits and pieces into my practice and it certainly perked an interest into checking out Ido's amazing first blog. Admiring from afar, I again flirted and tried a few things from it but never chose to pay the price to achieve any of it. Ido's Dominance video began to gain popularity and I  was encouraged again by Nathan to attend Ido's first movement camp, a hefty 2 weeks of amazing teaching... Alas again i wimped out, siting cost and blah blah blah as excuses. If only I had embraced the knowledge shared fully then I might have been "further along" in my movement journey... But that's another story. After realised I had missed a great opportunity I signed up for Ido's online coaching. A fantastic experience which was unfortunately cut short when my son was born. I gained so much from the short 3 months though. I have since been to his Movement X and locomotion workshops and taught more of his method by another one of my great teachers Joseph Bartz, who is now on Ido's teaching team. I can't stress highly enough how much you need to learn from this great teacher and leader in person. Ido, thank you for your obsession to movement and how that has effected me and the world.