Movement Classes

In a nutshell you either want to train frequently or infrequently with a group, in which case there’s two options. Both are suitable for all levels of experience and I really mean that. I’m truly fortunate to have such a diverse awesome bunch of people come to my classes, with a mixture of age and experience and coming from all walks of life!

For me the Group Training Membership is the most honest and complete sharing of a collective practice I can offer and where I invest most of my time and deeper topics, but it isn’t for everyone as it requires your time. You can have a ‘try-out’ period and have access to all the classes. But I do have drop-in classes and workshops for those that can’t see us as much and of course personal movement training / 1:1 sessions are possible.

Group Training Membership

My best effort to facilitate a consistent group practice to explore movement training, communication and the sharing of collective knowledge, through weekly classes and continued online discussion.

About The Group Training

We Work. We play. We train outside in ALL seasons but train inside too (and more in the winter).⠀

What do we do? It depends. ⠀

On the group…our collective state, the season, the cycle we're going through, what resonates with our practice at the time, what motives and processes we want to observe. We have many teachers whose knowledge permeates and influences our practice. We do have a general approach to our practice. We do human stuff. We try to remember to ‘do the thing’ as our guide, observe what takes us away from those things and what we may do to get back to them.⠀

Where do you invest your resources when time and energy is limited? How do you navigate the terrain with so many confusing maps? The answers are for you the individual to explore, but I will say that perhaps investing in your relationships and companions to travel with you can make things less bewildering and provide the support you need to restock when you’re depleted.⠀

We run. We jump. We climb. We dance. We fight. We lift. We throw. We play. We create.⠀
We communicate.

The weekly group classes are to facilitate a consistent group practice, exploring movement training, communication and the sharing of collective knowledge and experience.


  • 5 classes a week (3 exclusive to membership + 2 drop-ins), different topics & cycles, discount on 1-1 sessions, workshops & courses

  • We have 3 coaches in total each of us passionate to give you our experience, knowledge and variety in training

  • Discussion group for ongoing support and sharing of collective knowledge with optional homework

  • No drop ins for the membership only classes, we have separate Drop-in classes (see below) - this is to protect the concentrated work of the regular group and allow me to focus on events and courses more suited to those that can't attend regularly, including free events. But you can have a ‘try-out’ period…

  • 'Try-out' period - you can attend as many of the members only classes as you like within 2 weeks, to see if joining the group training membership is for you. Classes are £20 PAYG during the try-out period (drop-in classes are different price).


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur at 19:00, Sat 12:00.

Classes last from 1 to 2 hours depending on the day and season. Check out the full schedule on GoTeamup here


We mainly train outside, more in the summer, a little less in the winter. Class locations change with the season but are currently mainly at Hampstead Heath with the odd session at a cool Parkour spot.



Contact me to arrange a 2 week try-out and have access to all classes PAYG

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If you’re ready to get going straight away then click below to sign up for the Group Training Membership and I’ll be in touch shortly after.

Drop-in Classes