Chris is an amazing mover and teacher and I have him to think for being my biggest Parkour inspiration. His technical knowledge, his wisdom of the mental aspects and training the whole, means he is like Yoda to me. A proper old school practitioner trying to keep the traditions and philosophy alive and educating hundreds young and old that Parkour is many things, but inclusive of that should be the goal "to be and to last". My first Parkour Generation's class was taken by him and I have had admiration ever since. I cannot write a tribute without referencing his amazing blog - it will articulate far better than I what a great mind this man has. I have only had a few one to one sessions with Chris, but each one was so valuable, not just for my own movement but for my coaching style. So many progressions and technical details, so many insights into mental preparation. I owe this man a lot and also to knuckle down and stop putting off becoming A.D.A.P.T qualified (I will get round to it)!