An apostle, reviver, preserver and pioneer of Natural Movement and physical education history, founder of Movnat.

Discovering Parkour opened my eyes further to philosophies and systems that are focused on movement.  I’m not sure when it happened but at some point I came across the now famous video “the workout the world forgot” of Erwan doing his thing with mesmerising power, agility and grace. I probably came across it after Googling for more information about Natural Movement, a term that no doubt in my mind was coined/made famous by Erwan. I’ve never met Erwan, but as soon as I discovered him and his movement system Movnat, I knew that it was something important. After watching the video I initially said wow… this is it… this is how you should move and this is the context/environment you should do it in… nature. I then instantly thought I want to do this, where can I learn more… where is this man… could I train with him perhaps. And so the love affair began. I cannot articulate and do justice how important Movnat and Natural Movement is to me, our movement and nature deprived culture and thus how important and inspirational this man and the system he has developed is to me.