On the surface you might think Glen is just a fighter and yes he is a very good one. But to me he is much more than that - he is a wise sage. I have learned so much from Glen, about being a martial artist, coaching people, psychology and more. But probably most importantly, self discovery. Let's just say Glen "has all the ingredients". Glen is a true martial artist / warrior, a real student of many arts and knowledge. He embodies discipline, dedication and creativity and the example he sets has and always will inspire me.

Always generous with his time and prolific with his advice. From the many teachings and gems of information about sparring, technique, how I should move, to tips on how to relay that to others. I have mulled over and had "ah ha, I get it moments" weeks after hearing a piece of his advice. I am in great appreciation of his time and knowledge. A great teacher and good friend. Thanks Glen here's a "cake hand" from me.