I could argue that without Wildfitness - I wouldn't have made the jump from my desk job to coaching! After discovering Movnat and deciding that buzz words at the time of "barefoot", paleo and primal - I essentially was looking for where can I learn more - where can I discover how to free myself form the human zoo. And so I found Wild Fitness and after reading about their philosophy I essentially decided, this is what I want to do - how do I become a Wild Fitness coach! They blended the philosophy of their "experts: which included Erwan Le Corre / Movnat, Dr Nicholas Romanov's POSE, Frank Forencich founder of Exuberant Animal, Tara Wood their founder and of course Lee Saxby. No wonder I jumped at the chance to attend their coaches course and begin the journey to where I am now. Wild eating, wild moving, wild living - a guiding philosophy that you can see throughout my philosophy to this day. Without Wild Fitness I maybe wouldn't have considered there was another route into teaching people and perhaps would have gone the traditional gym instructor / Personal Trainer route (something I attained later, but this was my first formal coaching education). If you are looking to re-wild yourself and return to a simplified and healthier way of living, then I can't recommend on of Wild Fitness holidays enough to give you that transformation and head start you need. Thanks guys.