I was initially exposed to Frank's work via his Exuberant Animal games. I rarely go without introducing them to people as ice-breakers, rapport builders and excellent movement fun. He's been very inspirational to me, giving me the confidence to introduce serious play to adults and celebrate its importance.

More telling though is how huge an influence his whole philosophy has had on me - from his Primate's Predicament and Mismatch concepts to his findings in neuro-plasticity. His book Change Your Body Change the World was my first book of his, but by far m favourite and one I go back to again and again, Beautiful Practice articulates the big picture of where we are at, what we can and should do about it and how. It resonated deeply with me and reaffirmed my purpose - that I do actually want to help and change myself, my family, community, habitat and the world. For those that can't tell, my website in regards to the overriding philosophy is so heavily influence by his ethos I actually worry (please Frank, I mean it with the upmost respect and good intention). Based on his build a beautiful practice concept -  and my attempt to do that is a tribute to him. 

See www.exuberantanimal.com