A forthcoming Big Picture Talk: Demystifying Pain


Join the Ben Medder Coaching team on February 1st for our Pain, Brain and Movement workshop ‘ Demystifying Pain led by Theresa Scheel. 

The content covered in the workshop teaches two ways to being pain free: education on how your brain uses pain and how you can influence the brain's perception to alternate your pain experience; and secondly movement drills that have an immediate effect on your level of discomfort. 

The educational content is based on new findings/ research on the neuroscience of pain. We will explain the brain’s ways and strategies to get what it wants - your survival -,and speak about how to understand and identify the triggers of your pain experience. The movement content teaches you simple drills with which you can neurally hack your the pain experience. 

A few interesting facts that we will expand upon in the workshop:

Injury & disease  ≠ Pain      Pain  ≠ Injury & Disease
Pain is a product of the brain → Target the Brain to be Pain Free
Nociceptors detect actual and potential damage/ threat
The level of pain rarely reflects the amount of tissue damage you have

Who is this for

  • anyone who is interested in learning more about their personal pains and aches
  • anyone who has friends and family members being affected by pain and you want to help
  • anyone who has passion and interest in neuroscience 

Why you should attend

  • We will clear up misconceptions and unnecessary fears surrounding pain 
  • We will help you to finally make sense of your pain and reduce it 
  • We will teach you how to neurally hack your pain experience with simple movement drills


Theresa is one of Ben Medder's movement coaches with emphasis on pre and rehab within the movement system. She is a trained exercise therapy specialist that uses a functional neurology approach to pain- free movement and performance. Theresa's training and work has been heavily influenced by Dr. Eric Copp, founder of Z Health, who has changed her understanding of nervous system control of performance and pain levels. Read more about Theresa.

What you need to know

When: Sunday February 1st
Time: 11.00 - 15.00
Where: Health Town, West Hampstead
How much: £49 per person (early bird discount 10 days before date of workshop) £69 otherwise
Who: Led by Theresa Scheel and assisted by Ben Medder and Benjamin Buus Pedersen

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