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Move with the Seasons - Autumn

Join a community of movers and participate in seasonal training to rekindle the promise that autumn brings at Move with the Seasons October workshop on the beautiful Hampstead Heath.

Autumn has arrived and with it, a rich diversity of colours, smells, the ground covered in flame-coloured leaves - slippery from October showers or crisp from the sunshine still warm on our skin. We can smell the change in the air and know the inner joy from the chill in the air brings cosy winter days. We know we once enjoyed kicking through leaves and conker picking. We remember it from our childhood, and it's never really left us: we all sense the change and the promises it brings. This connection to our seasonal environment is what makes us human.

Being outside is the best expression of our humanness, with contextual and playful movement giving us the best foundation of movement we can. What better way to explore natural movement than in context of habitat and actually being outside. Our skin grows strong only when exposed to diversity of surfaces, and that diversity of nature is nourishing. We cannot appreciate wrapping up in the warm without experiencing the contrast of nature's powerful change in season from summer.

Remember your ability to be joyful in nature, to run, jump, climb, swing, flow and roughhouse, to be swept along with the innate excitement of being outside. Feel the thrill of grasping a wet branch with the chance of slipping, inhaling lungfuls of crisp autumn air as you propel yourself forward, deep in the present with a full mind and body focus that a nutritious environment provides. Enjoy a full day of immersion with my natural movement, play and Treehab approach, at the amazing Hampstead Heath, home of some of the best beach and oak trees you'll ever play in. 


You will experience:

Arboreal Movement - learn how to flow in trees via the different forms of arboreal locomotion and tree climbing

Flow - learn to flow in context on the ground and over various obstacles, whether grass, bark or leafy terrain,

Ground interaction - ground flow and break falling, rebuild your relationship, confidence and vocabulary moving on and getting to and from the ground.

Partner interaction - rapport/connection building games, with roughhousing / rough & tumble play and contact improvisation

Manipulative skills - lifting, carrying, throwing and catching odd objects and people

Mobility development tools - joint health and longevity, building flexibility with strength and control

Strength training with gymnastic strength tools and application to natural movement.