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Move With The Seasons - Summer Edition


One Day Experience / Workshop, Saturday 12th August 10am - 5pm

Escape the heat of the city to climb through the cool canopy of the trees, and enjoy fun partner and group games to remember what moves you with this one day workshop.

We have a predicament as modern humans: too much comfort and not enough of the right kind of challenges. Understand why adversity and exposure provides essential contrast to pampering and comfort. This contrast of being active at both ends of the spectrum is nourishing and health promoting. Overcoming adversity and being outside is one of the best expressions of our humanness we can think of, with contextual, purposeful and playful interaction giving us meaningful experiences to learn more about ourselves.

What better way to explore natural movement than in the context of habitat - of actually being outside and moving from the heat of the day to the cool shade of the trees. We physically and mentally build our resilience, and our skin grows strong only when exposed to a diversity of textures. We cannot appreciate the relief of the shade without experiencing and enduring the heat of the sun on our arms. What is more refreshing than a hard earned cool shower, ice cold drink after a day of joyful exertion in the warm sun? What is more rewarding than succeeding at a task that is outright difficult and engaging? This connection to our seasonal environment and our challenges and triumphs is part of what makes us human.

You will experience:

  • Arboreal Movement - learn how to flow in trees via the different forms of arboreal locomotion and tree climbing
  • Flow - learn to flow in context on the ground and over various obstacles, whether grass, bark or leafy terrain,
  • Ground interaction - ground flow and break falling, rebuild your relationship, confidence and vocabulary moving on and getting to and from the ground.
  • Partner interaction - rapport/connection building games, with roughhousing / rough & tumble play and contact improvisation
  • Manipulative skills / cooperative building - Unique building and crafting tasks putting lifting and carrying into context and exploring creative expression in finding harmony in adding to one's environment with the "sculpting of space"
  • Mobility development tools - joint health and longevity, building flexibility with strength and control
  • An introduction to strength training with gymnastic strength tools and application to natural movement.

Replenish your connection with nature within the beautiful natural environment of Hampstead Heath


Price: £120

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Later Event: 16 September
Family Movement Class