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Evolve Move Play Experience Amsterdam


So excited to be leading my first Evolve Move Play workshop in Amsterdam

Start an epic movement journey with Evolve Move Play!

We evolved to move, to move through nature, to learn through play and to move as part of a tribe. We are meant to move through rocks, trees, and water. To lift, carry and throw diverse objects. To dance, fight and play with other living things. At the Evolve Move Play movement experience you will:

Learn to fall safely, so you can fly with confidence
How to jump, swing, vault, climb and flow through nature.
How to develop agility, coordination, strategy, negotiation through the power of roughhousing. 
Games to develop adaptability and the ability to orient to new challenges
How to conquer fears and develop your mental game. 
And how to take care of your body to allow your movement practice to flourish through joint integrity and breath training. 
The story of how a human evolved to move
And makes the natural movement practice so powerful

Are you ready to get started? Grab your ticket now:
Early bird discount code is AMSTERDAMEARLYBIRD2018