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Moving Seasonally

Moving Seasonally

Sunday 02 September 12:00 - 15:00
Max participants: 16
Price: £30
Location: The beautiful Hampstead Heath.

*Moving Seasonally*

Rediscover playful and natural movement in the context of nature and the season. Explore the blurred lines between expression and effectiveness when interacting with the environment and/or another human(s).

Ideas around a solo, group and locomotive (moving through you environment) practice - Delving into movement choices made from a utilitarian perspective and movement born out of creative impulses and the muddied water that does not care for attempts to define a difference. Whether moving in the trees and through the woods, with a partner, or with your own body in space, awareness of ourselves, each other and the change and qualities of the season will be our guide and our muse.

"We evolved to move, to move in nature, to move with a tribe, and to develop ourselves through play. Reclaim your ability to move and live like a human." - Evolve Move Play
Moving Seasonally - some of the things we will cover:

  • Tree climbing / Arboreal Movement / Natural Parkour - learn how to flow in trees via the different forms of arboreal locomotion and tree climbing
  • Flow - Exploring flow in context. On the ground and over various obstacles, whether grass, bark or leafy terrain,
  • Ground interaction - introduction to ground flow, overcoming fear of falling by learning breakfalls - rebuild your relationship, confidence and vocabulary moving on and getting to and from the ground.
  • Partner interaction - Develop communication, connection, flow with rapport building games, roughhousing / rough & tumble play, cooperative games and contact improvisation.
  • Mobility development tools - joint health and longevity, building flexibility with strength and control

About Ben Medder

Ben has a mixed bag of movement experience from dabbling in various martial arts and various team and individual sports. He has spent the last 8 years learning as much as can from a wide variety of movement teachers and practitioners ranging from Parkour, dance, partner interaction/games and natural movement to gymnastic strength and mobility development.

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