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Move With Seasons - Winter Challenge Edition 2018

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One Day Experience / Workshop, Saturday 13th January 10am - 4pm

We are delighted to announce this unique outdoor experience hosted by Ben Medder and Farid Herrera.

We are looking forward to sharing a framework of tools and experiences, and to facilitate an environment where you can create your own profound movement experience. Have elements of your movement practice put into context - and put to the test! - with individual and group challenges, team building and games, all within a beautiful outdoor environment.

Why Challenges?

We have a predicament as modern humans: too much comfort and not enough of the right kind of challenges. Understand why adversity and exposure provides essential contrast to pampering and comfort. This contrast of being active at both ends of the spectrum is nourishing and health promoting. Overcoming adversity and being outside is one of the best expressions of our humanness we can think of, with contextual, purposeful and playful interaction giving us the best foundation of movement we can. What better way to explore natural movement than in the context of habitat - of actually being outside and having a task(s) to complete. Adjusting to the cold physically and mentally builds our resilience. Our skin grows strong only when exposed to a diversity of textures. We cannot appreciate wrapping up in the warm without experiencing the contrast of winter’s unforgiving chill. What is more refreshing than a hard earned warm shower after day of joyful exertion? What is more rewarding than succeeding at a task that is outright difficult and engaging? This connection to our seasonal environment and our challenges and triumphs is part of what makes us human.

We are confident you won’t experience anything like this unique day. Brought to fruition by the collective movement experience of Farid and Ben, the events of the day will test your mettle and your passion for natural movement, leaving you feeling accomplished and reinvigorated. By sharing a framework of tools and experiences, they facilitate an environment where you can create your own profound movement experience.

  • Challenges include: Cooperative building, carrying, traversing and more.
  • Flow between team and individual movement and expression
  • Embrace winter, adapt and build your resilience
  • Expose yourself to unique situations and expand your comfort zone
  • Replenish your connection with nature within the beautiful natural environment of Hampstead Heath
  • You will have the opportunity to address your own unique challenge

Can You Take On the Winter Challenge?




About Farid & Ben:

Farid is among the first generation of Parkour practitioners in the U.K dating back to early 2002. He has since expanded his movement experience through extensive practice in Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Handbalance, Capoeira and Jiu Jitsu. He is recognized for having completed his Parkour UK 1st4 Sport level 2 certificate in Parkour / Freerunning (QCF) with 100% competency and marks in the Physical and Technical assessments. He has been invited to teach internationally at events including the Hong Kong West Kowloon Freespace Festival and the Parkour and Movement Festival in Hannover. He has also performed in the piece 'Danger Risk Of Falling' with ParkourDance Company, and played one of the lead characters in the first ever full length Freerunning show at London's E4 Underbelly, alongside Team 3Run.


Ben has a mixed bag of movement experience from dabbling in various martial arts and various team and individual sports. He has spent the last 7 years learning as much as can from a wide variety of movement teachers and practitioners ranging from Parkour, dance partner interaction/games and natural movement to gymnastic strength and mobility development. He has taught internationally across the UK and Europe and is widely known as a natural movement influencer. He is a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist and is Evolve Move Play’s first international coach. Ben’s love of natural movement, reconnection with nature, human connection and play drives everything he does, and he is constantly learning as much as he can from a wide variety of sources.


Price: £120

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