Family movement class

Family movement classes involve both parents and children moving in fun but challenging ways. The class format creates an environment for the family to learn and practise new skills together and share a physical activity which is beneficial for everyone.

A typical class covers a range of movement and games to get adults and children moving together, from animal movement games and structures to crawling and climbing, and taking inspiration from Playful Parenting and similar texts that explore optimised learning for children through play and "flow".

For children from walking up to school age.

  • Become fit, strong, move with confidence and mindfulness
  • Get the body you want by moving well
  • Enjoy further bonding with your child through movement
  • Engaging play and games optimise learning
  • Progressive exposure to advanced techniques encourages children to move with agility, confidence and mindfulness

Using methods from Movnat, Exuberant Animal, gymnastics and Ido Portal:

  • Balancing 
  • Climbing
  • Hanging
  • Crawling
  • Jumping
  • Mobility
  • Agility and strength
  • Animal movement games


Thursdays, 10.30am-12.00pm


Outdoor locations around Beckenham. Locations vary so attendees will be notified upon booking place.

£10 per adult and child. £5 per additional adult or child.

Email to book your place