Experience meaningful movement: outdoor natural movement training and tree climbing in London. 

Join a group class and get moving with our friendly bunch or get my full attention with a private 1-to-1 / small group session or online coaching.

Upcoming Workshops

No workshops right now.

Move With Speed and Grace | Play | Reconnect With Nature

Reclaim your capacity to move with flow over grass, rocks, and trees. Learn to develop yourself through contact, roughhousing, dance, and combatives. Reconnect with nature and develop your aliveness in movement to become a more resilient and embodied human. As a student on the Rafe Kelley mentor programme of Evolve, Move, Play, I am passionate about teaching people how to move like a human.

Natural Movement | Strength | Parkour | Gymnastics | Dance | Locomotion

Nature Jam Community Event
a free monthly gathering

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