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Move & Play - Drop-in

Drop-in movement class in South East London

Wednesdays 7-8pm
Dance Company Studios, Beckenham (5mins from Beckenham Junction)

Move & Play is a play and fitness session designed for all levels and abilities and aims to improve overall strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, rhythm, and physical resilience and adaptability. First and foremost they aim to rekindle the child-like ability to connect and discover one's own unique and incredible human body and build rapport with other people through play. We learn best through play, and I believe that a playful approach to fitness and exercise will lead to a more meaningful and sustainable 'movement practice' - the key to long-term change.

The classes incorporate general movement training, body strength weight training, mobility development exercises, partnering tasks, playfulness, and creativity. Expect to crawl. run, jump, climb, dance, wrestle, lift, throw and generally rough and tumble.

The atmosphere in the sessions is welcoming, and the content is delivered in an inclusive and easy going manner, but it is also vigorous and challenging at times in the best possible way. What many discover is that you hardly notice the intensity as it will feel like play. Expect to feel good, happy, and flexibly strong!

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