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P.A.I.R of Legs (Lowerbody Strength & Mobility) - 6 week course

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P.A.I.R of Legs

A 6 week course for lower body mobility, power, versatility & resilience 

WHEN: Starting Friday 5th April, 7:00 - 8:00pm and every Friday thereafter for 6 weeks
VENUE: Hampstead Heath
WHAT YOU GET: 1 class a week, plus access to private group for extra content, giving feedback and discussion.
COST: £120 (£100 to previous attendees of PAIR of Legs or Upper Body Strength)


Do you want a P.A.I.R of legs that are: Powerful, Adaptable, Integrated & Resilient? Legs that are useful, can perform and are built to last?

- Mobility development and health for hips, knees, ankles and feet, building the prerequisite strength and control in ranges of motion you need for your movement.
- Power and speed development, including plyometrics and sprinting
- Resilience building using progressive adaption in irregular positions
- Footwork, coordination, agility and rhythm work - what good are your legs if you can not coordinate them to get into positions to produce power or find rhythm and deal with the unpredictable. 

Fighting Monkey, Functional Range Conditioning, Ido Portal, Joseph Bartz, Rafe Kelley, various martial arts footwork, Parkour and Track & Field plyometrics training

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