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Open Group Class Every Saturday


Tree Climb | Flow | Play

Outdoor natural movement every Saturday at beautiful outdoor locations in London.

"We evolved to move, to move in nature, to move with a tribe, and to develop ourselves through play. Reclaim your ability to move and live like a human." Evolve Move Play

Tree climbing
We've evolved from arboreal animals. Learn how to flow in trees and regain the benefits of this beautiful alive practice. Find out the different forms of arboreal locomotion Quadrupedal, Quadrumanous, Bipedal, Brachiation and Clinging/bridging/leaping. Learn and use specific techniques, laying the foundation for free exploration and play, cultivating routes to repeat building agility and speed and the practise of balancing, all whilst simultaneously building physical conditioning and mental fortitude. Learn to climb like a human as taught to me by Rafe Kelley of Evolve Move Play

Learn to flow over various obstacles, terrain and on the ground. Whether grass, trees or rocks... whether it's to move quickly going over and under or to stay low and/or move slow - you will learn how to flow with context. Natural parkour, stealthily walking low, crawling and various dance and martial arts influenced forms of locomotion and floorwork. 

Play (Contact Improvisation, Roughhousing & partner games)
Play, Contact Improv and Tribe building games, Roughhousing / rough & tumble and creative movement tasks. Whether dance influenced, combative or usually a combination of both, we are always playful and it's about getting back to human connection. Moving in a group / tribe and learning new skills together has often underestimated benefits from positive social engagement, camaraderie, coping with the unpredictable, self handicapping and problem solving. Nothing is more complex than interacting with another human. 

Rafe Kelley and his Evolve Move and Play, Frank Forencich Exuberant Animal gamesTom Weksler's Movement Archery, Darryl Edwards 'The Fitness Explorer'Ido PortalJoseph Bartz Training and Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea of Rootless Root's Fighting Monkey