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Upperbody Strength & Mobility - 6 week course

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Upperbody Strength & Mobility

A 6 week course on the basics

WHEN: Starting Friday 30th Mar, 7:00 - 8:00pm and every Friday thereafter for 6 weeks
VENUE: Paddington Recreation Ground and Hampstead Heath
WHAT YOU GET: 1 class a week, plus homework and information on how to programme
COST: £120 (£100 if previously attended any Ben Medder Coaching course)


Be great at the basics. Consistent, quality practice! 6 week upper body strength & mobility course designed for all levels, to build mobility prerequisites and quantifiable strength but not forgetting context - application to the complex interactions with other humans, the environment through the lens of natural movement.

- Build mobility prerequisites, using Functional Range Conditioning Functional Anatomy Seminars principles and other tools of Joint preparation / Prehab / Rehab - For wrists, elbows and shoulders.
- Chin-up progressions for all - whether you can do none or many. Achieve your first chin-up or improve the quality of your current ones.
- Push-up progressions for all
- The Dip in depth
- Ring Muscle Up progression
- Scapula control and grip strength - the 2 key factors that limit upper body strength
- Gymnastic Straight Arm Strength: Planche, Front Lever and L-Sit

Functional Range Conditioning, Ido Portal, Joseph Bartz, Gymnastic Bodies

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