Locomotion: "MonCrow Typerwriters" with Outtakes

Locomotion ideas inspired by Ido Portal, Joseph Bartz and Jukka Rajala.

Thanks to Benjamin Buus Pedersen and Theresa Scheel for agreeing to post this. Showing that not every video has to be a "polished" finished product and what practice actually looks like i.e. some trial and error as you get to grips with the movements.

It's a process of "turning atoms into molecules" or "Isolate > Integrate > Improvise to paraphrase Ido. So far we are managing to integrate some things... but the process and research is always ongoing.

To quote some text from an Ido Portal Locomotion workshop: "Locomotion is Ido’s unique creation, a fluid, challenging, beautiful and rewarding movement system which relies on the use of low gait, squatting, inverting, crawling, bridging, quadrupedaling and other patterns, integrated to a sophisticated multi layered flow close to the ground" - http://www.move2peakacademy.dk/ido-portal-locomotion-workshop-english/