Small Group Training Open Day

The team practices shoulder stands and various pull-up / one arm chin-up progressions, in what was a predominately a bent-arm strength Small Group training class. Small group training allows us to explore in more detail movement complexity and individualised programming that is not possible in the Large Group classes. So it usually coincides that gymnastic strength, for example, is used more frequently (I don't have that many sets if rings!). It's the best of both worlds - private training with....well, a small group (duh)!

I will be holding an open day and exhibition class for those that are interested to experience what exactly goes on in Small Group training. It will be a half day consisting of a few mini and themed taster classes covering the main elements of my approach, with plenty of time to have your questions answered. At the very least it is free movement and coaching and you'll have a jolly good time (there will be no hard selling)! Stay tuned for more information.

Until then you can find out more about small group training here: (Scroll down past Large Groups.)