Big Picture Talks

The Ben Medder Coaching team host talks and workshops covering a wide range of unique subjects, drawing on their specialised knowledge and training on health, nutrition, movement, sleep, stress and lifestyle. The Big Picture talks focus on a new way of thinking about our bodies and our lifestyles, incorporating the brain, mind and body into one cohesive workshop that includes education, games and movement to involve and engage the audience. 


Demystifying Pain 1 Feb 2015 The content covered in this four hour workshop teaches two ways to being pain free: education on how your brain uses pain and how you can influence the brain's perception to alternate your pain experience; and secondly movement drills that have an immediate effect on your level of discomfort. Read more about Demystifying Pain

Brain Health and Movement, 5th Oct 2014 covered functional neurology, theoretic and practical teaching of the Arthrokinetic Reflex and why training you nervous system daily is more effective in terms of weight loss and muscle build up, this two hour workshop explained why physical movement is intrinsic to brain health. Read more about Brain Health and Movement

The team

Ben Medder Passionate about freeing us from the "human zoo" we are in, my approach is designed to get people moving well and developing new skills using preparation, progression and play. It is not always as simple as to just start moving - you need a process and an approach, to get you from point A to B starting with reclaiming the basics of human movement. Using a holistic approach incorporating health, movement, lifestyle, sleep and stress, my techniques for coaching aspire to increase movement complexity, play and freedom in a holistic, engaging and fun way.

Theresa Scheel Theresa is one of Ben Medder's movement coaches with emphasis on pre and rehab within the movement system. She is a trained exercise therapy specialist that uses a functional neurology approach to pain free movement and performance. Theresa decided to go into the movement and rehabilitation therapy direction using systems such as Z Health, mat and sports massage therapy to be able to get people back to being pain-free in movement and live a life as a mover. Rather than assuming every person needs the same approach to achieve their goal, Theresa understands that each session needs to be individualist to create the best results.

Benjamin Buus Pederson A Movnat Certified Level 1 coach, Benjamin changed his approach to nutrition and fell in love with food three years ago and is what you would call a true real foodie/paleo nerd. Pressure or slow cook, nose-tail eating, fermenting, food hacking and natural supplements are just a small part of what he’s about. As well as doing quite a bit of biohacking, ask Benjamin about food or sleep and he WILL talk for hours, sometimes you don’t even need to ask…

Rolando Ayenza A graduate of Genetics and a MovNat Certified Trainer (MCT) Level 2 and MovNat Combatives Instructor, Rolando combines his scientific knowledge with his passion for becoming a generalist mover, influenced by Parkour, Movnant and Martial Arts. After working many years in a laboratory and research environments in the clinical areas of Microbiology, Biochemistry he left the 9 to 5 ‘human zoo’ in 2012 with the intent of spreading movement love, mindful practice and helping change people's perception of movement for better health and happiness.